I’m passionate about cars, and I’m guessing if you’re here, you are too. There’s a deep connection with our cars, as a visual art, and as a sculpture, a tactile experience beyond just how they make you feel to drive. I’m here to share the beauty in these machines and help encourage more people to respect and fully enjoy their vehicles. We spend a lot of money on them, both in purchase price and in maintenance and repairs: you should get as much enjoyment as possible out of it!

What can I help you with?

If you’re a business:

I can help you connect with automotive enthusiasts of any color. Whether it’s photographing your work, creating unique art to promote your business, or writing content that my fellow enthusiasts will enjoy, I know cars and I know what car people like, and I love connecting with people over cars. Schedule with me today to see how we can grow your audience and help your customers love their cars!

If you’re an individual:

Already love your car and want to immortalize it? Having trouble getting just the right photos of your awesome build? I am available for photography sessions and creating custom, original art of your beloved vehicle. Get in touch today and we can talk about what you most want to get out of representing your car!

About Me

I’m an artist, photographer and content writer with over 7 years of automotive parts experience, and even more as a Honda and Subaru enthusiast. I know cars: I’ve been ASE certified (P2 – Parts) from the minute I rolled over enough work experience to qualify over 5 years ago. I love Japanese cars especially, and fine body work on any vehicle. Not to mention taking them apart to see what they look like inside.

I live in the Holland, Michigan area with my cat, my garden, and my Subaru. I’ve loved fantasy and science fiction art and writing since I was a kid, and when I’m not painting cars, it’s mostly dragons! I also have a long standing interest in sustainable farming, hobby/backyard farming, organic gardening, permaculture, and have studied herbal and alternative medicine.

What people are saying

 Anna is a wonderful artist and easy to work with. She is flexible and takes extra care to deliver exactly what her clients need, even when under pressure.

– Corey Hollenbach

Anna has an amazing positive energy and knows just what to ask to get progress moving forward.

– Kathleen Hughes